Social Media Management is the actual writing and posting of content, plus engaging with your audience on your behalf. This facilitates the process of growing, building, monitoring, guiding, and connecting with your online audience through your desired social media channels.

The word “platform” is used to refer to any number of social networking sites (e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn), micro-blogging sites (e.g. Twitter or Tumblr) or photo sharing sites (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest).

No. Some platforms may be more popular than others with your target audience, or more suitable for communicating about your type of business. We can help you decide which ones are most appropriate for you.

No, but we are always re-evaluating the social media landscape and may periodically make changes to the platforms we offer to accommodate popular demand and changes in the marketplace.

Yes. The more you can share recent projects, images and news with us, the more robust and effective your social media presence will be. What you provide us can be very simple. We will embellish it with additional content and create professionally written posts on your behalf.


Typically, our clients give us content via email and/or a shared Dropbox folder. With your approval we can also grab content from your website/blog. Content can be submitted whichever way is more convenient for you.

Yes. Your Social Account Manager will work closely with you on content direction. Over time, s/he can help you discover what kind of content gets the best response from your audience.

Each client pays a $275 Set-up Fee that covers an initial one-hour discovery consultation, preliminary coordination and setup of your platform profiles and passwords.

Additional fees will apply if you would like us to manage and purchase paid Facebook ads for you. Ghost blogging (i.e. writing blog posts on your behalf) is also additional.

Yes. That service is included in our $275 set-up fee. We can establish your profile and coordinate passwords on any platforms covered under your plan.

Your credit card will be billed automatically on the first business day of each month. The first month’s billing will be prorated if you begin service after the 1st day of the month.

Your Social Account Manager will contact you to schedule an initial 1-hour discovery phone consultation to get to know you and help you distinguish your social media goals. Your Manager will also gather the information needed to set up your social profiles and accounts.

Based on the information we gather during the discovery phase, we can begin regular posting and engagement on your behalf within a week.

We’ll then stay in touch with periodic email reminders and personal phone calls to gather fresh content, information and feedback that will help us most effectively speak in your voice.

We require two-week’s written notice to upgrade or downgrade to a more or less expensive plan. Billing will be adjusted at the start of the next monthly billing cycle.

Social media results do not happen overnight. Therefore, all services and pricing plans are based on a six-month commitment period. The six-month commitment will automatically renew for your convenience. You need to give us two-week’s written notice before the end of the term if you do not wish to renew your commitment for another six months.

Our plans are designed to help you increase your followers. We do this in a number of ways, primarily by providing relevant, timely and valuable content that will resonate with your audience. We also use appropriate hashtags and keywords, so that we can make sure those who are looking can find and follow your profiles. Lastly, we’ve built engagement into each plan. Through active engagement, your audience is compelled not only to come back again and again, but also to share your content, brand name, etc. with their community as well.

We provide social media management services and are open to discussing your needs and customizing your content based on your marketing goals. We do not provide any formal strategic marketing consultation, portfolio management, mailing/e-mail lists or traditional advertising/marketing services.

We can work with you to manage and build your Facebook ads. Our aim is provide you with the highest reach and lowest cost-per-click so that you can get the most return on investment from your advertising budget. Please note that our plans do not include a Paid Advertising budget.